Foster Resources

What is fostering

Our foster program allows WBCR to rescue dogs who might otherwise be euthanized in overcrowded shelters and place them in the safety and comfort of a home environment.

Life in a shelter can be stressful for many dogs, and the overcrowding many shelters experience make it difficult to provide individual attention to the dogs. When rescue dogs are placed in foster they are able to relax and enjoy life in a temporary home while waiting for their forever homes. Foster families are able to observe dogs in a home environment and provide information to adopters on the dog's personality, habits and needs. Fosters can work on basic good manners' training or other issues that will help the dogs become more adoptable.

Who can foster?

Anyone can become a foster for WBCR. We welcome fosters with children and other pets. We require that all pets living in the foster home be spayed/neutered and up to date on all vaccinations. You must reside within 30 minutes from Wish Bone Canine Rescue in case of an emergency and your foster dog may need to see our veterinarian. If you meet these requirements, we'd love to have you foster for us!

Foster Responsibilities

WBCR fosters are asked to commit to the following:

  • Ensure their foster dog attend all WBCR adoption events. Help with transport can be arranged, if necessary
  • Be available for adoption meeting between adoption events
  • Work on basic training with foster dog while they are in your home.
  • Provide a safe, loving home for your foster dog while they wait for their forever home.

If you have further questions, please contact a member of the foster team at:

Foster FAQs

A: Yes! We rescue a variety of breeds, sizes and personalities. We will share all we know about each dog and invite you to decide which dogs might be a good fit in your home.
A: If the foster dog is a good fit in your home, we ask that you keep the dog until we find a forever home. A typical foster stay is about 2 weeks. Some breeds/sizes go more quickly and others more slowly.
​A: As a foster, you're under no obligation to keep a dog that does not fit in your home. We are happy to provide training and management tips to help make fostering a pleasant experience, but if a dog is not a good fit for your family, we will find him/her a new foster home.
A: You may choose to foster as often as you like. If you want to have a foster dog in your home most of the time, great! If you would rather take breaks between fostering, or if a busy schedule sometimes make it difficult for you to foster, we are happy to accommodate.
A: We try to give our fosters first chance at adopting. If you decide you want to make your foster dog a permanent part of your family, we'll be happy to work with you to make that happen!
A: All WBCR dogs are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and placed on heartworm and flea/tick preventatives before being placed in a foster home. The only expense we ask you to pay is for your State of Illinois foster license fee of $25.00 for one year.

After You Foster

Contact WBCR. During regular hours you can email Lisa the shelter director at or if needed you can call the office during business hours at 309-808-4477. If your foster is sick and you need someone after hours you can call 309-808-2724.
Foster's Who Fall in Love...Yes it does happen!!..."If you think you want to adopt your foster dog, please fill out an online application to adopt, (place link here). Please keep in mind, you are under no obligation when you do this and if you have any doubt because it might be just too soon to know, then type in the application that you are fostering this dog and you want to be called immediately when another application is submitted so you can decide to adopt or not at that time. If the application from a foster parent is not in the system for your foster dog it makes it very difficult to make an adoption happen for the foster family".
​ Contact the Shelter Director IMMEDIATELY!! DO NOT seek medical treatment. By law the shelter director needs to know RIGHT AWAY to take the next step.
Please check the Foster Agreement. There is a link on the bottom of the WBCR Foster Dogs page. It is very important that you take the fostering seriously and make sure your fosters are at the events, make sure they are kept up with their medications and heartworm and flea preventions.
Please take a look at the bottom of the WBCR Foster Dogs tab. Located there you will find different link that you can click on and print.
Wire crate, Water bowl, Blanket, and any medications your foster dog may be on at the time in a zip lock bag and labeled with name or any instructions.