Behavior Rehab Program

No matter where a dog comes from there are some ups and downs that you may have. Never worry though. We have an amazing way to help with that. We have a trainer that helps with WishBone Canine Rescue. Tina can help with ideas to adjusting your foster to the new situations. There are also classes that are held at WishBone to help out with fosters and getting a better understanding of how to deal and understand the reason why some dogs act the way they do.

A letter from Tina.....

Wishbone is missing a big part of our behavior rehab program. We need transition foster homes to maintain the behavior that dogs learn while with me. When a dog is "finished" with my program, they are very well behaved, but that behavior needs to translate to other situations and people.

In order to be considered "finished" they must be:

  • Crate trained: rest quietly in a crate for extended periods of time.
  • House broken: potty only outside and usually on command
  • Human, dog and cat social: can be trusted to act respectfully off leash with supervision.
  • Furniture banned: not allowed on furniture unless invited
  • Obedience trained: Come, sit, heel, stay, wait, no

So as you see, you are not taking on a problem dog, in fact it may just be the best behaved dog you have in your home! The requirement is this: you must be able to continue a strict structure of discipline to maintain their new behavior. Remember they come to me because they failed to behave under normal circumstances, so you must be willing to continue the structure that has created the change in their behavior. This is their only chance at getting a furever home!

Of course I am on call 24 hours a day usually to help you and am willing to train you to do the work that I do. There is nothing magic about me or what I do. It's simply finding the right method to help each dog overcome weaknesses and achieve their full potential! Please contact me if you are willing to be a behavior transition foster home and assistant behavior specialist!

If you are willing to fill the gap, please contact the Wishbone Foster Team:

Thanks! Tina Z

Here are a couple videos of dogs that Tina has helped.

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